Environmental Planning & Engineering

The environmental business consists of undertakings that manufacture product and services to live, stop, limit, minimize or correct environmental harm to water, air and soil. Issues associated with waste, noise, and eco-systems are still relevant. This sector deals with environmental services and instrumentation along with waste management, pollution, water and waste. Managing, protecting   restoring the environment is the prime focus. Our environmental consultants are based globally and placed in project teams as per the needs of our clients. Our resources are large in numbers as well as in experience. Our values mirror our drive to hunt sustainable development and our respect towards community and environment. Our policies commit to amalgamate environmental issues into all our activities.

River, Lake & Water Bodies Rejuvenation

This is the  process of making Water bodies, Streams & lakes more beautiful, more youthful and more imperative. Water bodies like waterways, lakes & shorelines have been kept up by TUSPL. Environmental Impact Studies, Assessment, Management & Mitigation Plans Environmental Impact studies assess the environmental consequences (positive and negative) of a plan, policy, program, or actual projects prior to the decision to move forward with the proposed action. It could be a device planned to recognize and foresee the effect of a extend on the bio-geophysical environment and on man's health and well-being, to decipher and communicate data almost the affect, to analyse location and handle options and give arrangements to filter out, or abate/mitigate the negative effects  on man and the environment.

Climate Change Resilience

Populations all inclusive confront expanding dangers brought by the change in climate. Our special aptitudes set and involvement prepare us to help in overseeing them. We prompt on arrangements and distinguish measures to relieve climate impacts and direct adjustment to use resource and to benefit versatility. It can be by and large characterized as the capacity for a socio-ecological framework to: assimilate stresses and to keep up work. This advance into more alluring setups that progress the supportability of the framework, taking off it better arranged for future climate alter impacts.

Coastal Planning, Management & Clearances

The planning for coastal as well overseeing them  are the science-based instruments that regions can utilize to address particular sea administration challenges and progress their objectives for financial advancement and preservation. Whether for entertainment and drifting, angling and preparing, marine transportation or oil and gas, the requests are developing. With so much dependence on these sea zones, the need for viable marine spatial arranging and administration has never been more imperative.

Mangrove Conservation

Mangroves cherish biodiversity as nursery grounds for numerous coastal and marine species and bolster fisheries. They shield coastal communities against extraordinary climate occasions such as typhoons, settle coastlines and moderate or diminish soil disintegration. TUSPL have the potential of accomplishing feasible coastal zone advancement & decreasing effect of open utilities & civic comforts advancement in Coastal ranges by closely linking with the mangroves Cell Forest Department government of Maharashtra and MOEFCC in accomplishing economic advancement.

Hazard and Operability Study (HAZOP)

A risk and operability ponder (HAZOP) could be an organized and precise examination of a complex arranged or existing  operation in order to recognize and assess issues which will speak to dangers to faculty or machines. The intention of executing a HAZOP is to audit the plan to choose up plan and engineering issues that will not have been found otherwise.

Forest Management

Forest administration is a department of ranger service concerned with the by and large authoritative, financial, lawful, and social viewpoints, as well as logical and specialized angles, such as assurance, and timberland direction. TUSPL is working closely the timberland office for maintainable advancement for the timberland & other regions with trees all around.

Bio Diversity Studies & Management

Biological differences implies the changeability among  living beings from all sources counting, inter alia, earthly, marine and other sea-going environments and the environmental complexes of which they are part; this incorporates differences inside species, between species and of environment. The administration of Biodiversity can be done by overseeing the feasible woodland and gathering Trees, and the Biological Rebuilding.

Noise Mapping

Noise mapping could be a realistic representation of the sound level dispersion and the proliferation of waves in a given locale, for a defined period.

Water & Air shed Management

Watershed administration may be a word utilized to portray the method of actualizing arrive utilize hones and water administration hones to secure and make strides the quality of the water and other normal assets inside a watershed by overseeing the usefulness  of those land and water assets in a comprehensive manner.

Urban Forestry

Urban ranger service is the care and administration of single trees and tree populations in urban settings for the reason of making strides the urban environment.

Soil Remediation

Soil remediation bargains with the evacuation of contamination or contaminants from natural media such as soil, groundwater, dregs, or surface water.

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